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Nowadays you can spare the hustle, since all you have to do is visit Reddit, where the community will provide the answers you need.Seriously, Redditters discuss literally everything. Thus it’s no surprise you also find a large number of topics dedicated to online dating.For example, did you know that Redditters made a survey on what kinds of audience a dating site appeals to?According to them, Ok Cupid is angled towards those who seek a relationship, and visited by “run of the mill folks, mixed with extreme geeks, fetish types, poly couples, and intellectuals”.“They know what they’re getting themselves into and they still want to go out to dinner with me,” she said in the interview. Like one guy who originally planned on dining and dashing on behalf of men everywhere, leaving her stranded with the bill. Discussions also focused on strategies to take advantage of how the dating sites are set up.Researchers say some of the techniques might actually enable anti-social behavior, a common problem on dating sites in general.

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Her gallant got chased by the police for doing a stunt on the middle of the road, and then they were arrested because it turned out the car was stolen.Reddit, a popular crowdsourced content platform, has two thriving subreddit groups, one for each dating service, which collectively have more than 95,000 members and 1,400 new posts a day at any given point.Researchers conducted interviews with forum members and observed public discussions.In part, that’s because the unspoken rules and key to success on services like OKCupid and Tinder can be unclear.To figure it out, users are taking the conversation elsewhere, say researchers.

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